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Hunters Survival Kit

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Hunters Wilderness Pro Survival Kit

Our Hunters Wilderness Pro Survival Kit is geared towards the outdoors enthusiast who unfortunately may find themselves having to spend a night or 2 in the bush.  This kit is focused on fire, shelter, water and signalling.  We include 3 fire starters, fire starting tinder as well as 2 cubes of Wet Fire Tinder, guaranteed to get a fire going even in the rain.  Shelter in the form of a Glad orange heavy duty garbage bag with 50' of 325 paracord.  Also included is a mylar emergency blanket to help prevent hypothermia, and a rain poncho.  A folding canteen with 10 Aqutabs will give you 10 litres of drinking water. The Canadian bush is infamous for its blackflies and mosquitoes so we have included 2 large Cro Blok insect repellent wipes as well as a head net to keep your sanity, this alone is worth its weight in gold if you have to spend a night in the Canadian bush.

Kit Contents

1- Weather Resistant Tin (Can be used as a mess tin, Includes Rubber Seal)
1- Button Compass Fits on Watchband or Paracord Bracelet
1- Safety Whistle 
10- NATO Storm Proof Matches + 2 Strikers (Made in England)
10- Fire Starter Tinder Tabs
2- Wet Fire Tinder
1- Flint Fire Starter with Striker (Large 3"long x .25"diameter rod)
1- Derma Safe Razor Knife (Made in USA,U.S. Military Approved)
1- Multi-Tool (4" closed - 14 functions)
1- 1- Flash Light (45 lumens runs on 1 AAA battery)
1- Survival Mylar Blanket (Helps fight hypothermia)
1- 50"x 2" Roll Duct Tape (Great for almost anything)
1- 50' 325 Para Cord
10- AquaTabs Water Purification Tablets + Usage Sheet
1- Folding Water Storage Canteen
1- Orange Garbage Bag (Glad-31"x 42" Makes great roof for shelter or improvised rain poncho)
1- Box Strike Anywhere Matches
1- Mosquito Head Net
2- Insect Repellent Towelettes (30% Deet)
1- Emergency Rain Poncho
4- Compressed Towels ( use for T.P.) just add a couple drops of water, expands to 8" x 11" 
1- Splinter Out (for removing slivers and thorns)
4- Large Safety Pins
4- Bandaids (3/4" x 3") 
2-Benzalkonium Chloride wipes (antiseptic)

Kit Specifications

Size: 6.75" L. x 4.625" W. x 2.25" H. (17.5 cm. x 12 cm x 5.5 cm)

Weight: 26.8 oz. (760 grams)

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