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Cheesy Lasagna Camping Food (Case of 6)

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Wise Camping Foods in Pouches

Wise Foods Cheesy Lasagna Camping Food (Case of 6)

The Wise Camping Food Pouches is ideal for camping trips, hunting and fishing trips, in an emergency or when you need a meal in a pinch. These easy to prepare meals come in 2 serving pouches, can be cooked directly in the pouch, and resealed for future use, or for best results cook in a pot over your camp stove or campfire. Make sure to take one of these on your next outdoor adventure.

Product Details

6 pouches of enriched noodles with sausage, textured vegetable protein, parmesan and romano cheese, tomato sauce and spices. 

• 2 total servings per pouch

• 16 grams of protein per serving

• Net weight per pouch: 6oz

• Lightweight and packable

• 7 year shelf-life

• Perfect for camping and backpacking

• Made in the USA

Total Calories per 6 pouches (12 servings) 4,440

Nutritional Facts

Wise Foods Cheesy Lasagna Camping Food Nutritional