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Trail Medic Health and Safety Kit

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TRAIL MEDIC® Health and Safety Kit

Our Trail Medic® Health and Safety Kits are the perfect addition to your first aid kit.  We have included items that are not normally included in many of the first aid kits commercially available.  These kits are perfect for the camper, hiker, hunter and fisherman.  For anyone who spends time outdoors, these kits are a must have.  Keep one of these in your pack, on your boat, in your glove box or tackle box.  These are a great gift item for any outdoors person.

Trail Medic Health and Safety Kit Contents:

  • 1- Moleskin (3"x4")
  • 1- Precut Moleskin ( 11 pcs.)
  • 3- 3/4"x 3" Bandaids
  • 5- 1/2"x 1 1/2" Bandaids
  • 2- Sting Relief 
  • 2- Triple Anti-biotic
  • 2- Alcohol Wipes
  • 2- SPF 30 Sun Screen
  • 1- Tick Remover
  • 1- Tick Remover Instructions
  • 1- Magnifier Fresnel Lense
  • 1- Magnifying Tweezers
  • 1- SERE Razor Knife
  • 1- Bleeding and Shock Tips Sticker
  • 1- Metal Storage Tin


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