Cyclone Tactical Field Gloves

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Cyclone Tactical Field Gloves

Demi-season moisture protective Cyclone Field Gloves are gloves for field work, tactical exercises and operations in late autumn and winter. Cyclone Field Gloves have been designed for professional military and law enforcement, as well as hunters, shooters, athletes, fishermen and lovers of outdoor activities. 

The shape of the  Cyclone Field Gloves gloves and the materials used protect the hand from possible technical damage when working with weapons, with knives and entrenching tools.

Cyclone Field Gloves protects your hand from wind and cold, and a special TouchScreen overlay on the middle finger of each glove allows you to use smartphones and tablet computers without removing gloves in the field. The location of the TouchScreen lining is on the middle finger as this finger that is least used when working with small equipment (arms, ammunition, knives and entrenching tools). Thus, the TouchScreen overlay will not create discomfort and an additional layer on those fingers that require maximum slenderness for the overall comfort of the gloves and this overlay will not get dirty and wear out. In this case, in the case of working with a smartphone, or a tablet computer, the thumb is convenient to use. 

The palm of the gloves is made of hydrophobic rubber, which ensures reliable grip of objects in the hand, even in torrential rain and in the snow. This rubber pad is not subject to hardening at low temperatures, does not slip, is not subject to changes with a sharp temperature drop. The places of the greatest wear of gloves (the upper plane of the index and thumb) are reinforced with additional linings of this material. 

The outer part of the gloves and cuffs are made of a waterproof new revolutionary material StormShell (100% polyester), which protects from wind and moisture. The elastic cuff with adjustable volume (Velcro Velcro fastener) fixes the gloves firmly on the hand and prevents moisture, dirt, wind and cold from getting inside the gloves. The special shape of the cuff of gloves allows you to comfortably wear gloves with wrist watches. Inside the gloves are special loops with which the Cyclone Field Gloves can be attached to equipment.

Includes nylon carry bag with ID patch.