Datrex Emergency Drinking Water 125ml

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Datrex emergency rations, the gold standard of food and water rations, are individual servings of filtered fresh water, bagged in a specially designed polymer-foil sachet. They feature superior packaging materials for optimum durability allowing it to withstand temperatures from (-40°C to 99°C) without bursting. To consume tear open at the mark and sip straight from the bag. The high level filtering and outer protection is certified to keep the contents fresh for a minimum of five years in even the harshest environments. Datrex emergency rations are best used for home, business, marine or during unexpected emergencies.

You can purchase Datrex water rations individually or by the case of 64 servings.

No special storage required - it can withstand temperatures from (-40°C to 99°C) without bursting.
Transport Canada (Approval Number- No- 057 - 005 - 014)
5 Year shelf life
No Oxygen Transfer (In other words, no chance of bacterial contamination)
Superior packaging materials for optimum durability
Easy to dispensed from pre-measured sachet
Lightweight and extremely compact
Loss potential minimized due to individual sachets
Consumptions: two 125ml bags a day for one person

Specifications (sachet Data- each serving):
Sachet volume: 125 ml / 4.227 fl oz
Sachet dimensions: 6 x 4 x .5 inches
Sachet weight:132 g

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