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PROCAMPTEK Firestarters

Fat Rope Stick is made from a pure cotton material that is fully infused with wax. The specially braided cotton breaks into thousands of microfibers when rubbed together in your hands. These processed microfibers are capable of catching a spark even when wet or in windy conditions.

✓ Non Toxic.

✓ Weatherproof.

✓ Cut what you need. Save the rest for later.

✓ No evaporation. Fat Rope Stick™ maintains performance even partially used.

PROCAMPTEK’s unique manufacturing process removes water contained in the cotton fibers at the micron level. This seemingly advanced process ensures a fully dried material that is ready to take a spark in the harshest conditions. Due to the complex nature of Fat Rope Stick, each piece has to be produced by hand. It has quickly become regarded as the best non-generic, specialized fire starter in the world.

Reliability is critical for any item used in an emergency kit. As the need arises is never the time to be testing gear and praying for the best. Fat Rope Stick has shown to be a very reliable tinder source in extreme situations and to maintain its reliability through many uses until the product is depleted.

Each stick is infused with PROCAMPTEK’s proprietary “FOG-H77A high gasification formula.”  This formula is what allows the cotton fibers to become highly ignitable and resistant to both wind and water when lit. The wax infused fibers extend the burn time of the tinder, which allows a greater chance of getting larger wood fuel to burn. Optimal use of Fat Rope Stick™ requires proper preparation, beforehand, with kindling and larger fuel sources ready to go and grow your flame.

Fat Rope Stick™ is expertly packaged for portability and for use in various kits, bags and storage options. When you are ready to get a fire going, gather your twigs, kindling and other fuel then get your Fat Rope and remove and discard some of the orange outer packaging. With a knife or saw, cut through the black cover into the rope at one end as if you were making shavings on a stick. When you have a small pile of the cotton fibers, roll the pile around in your hands to further break apart and fluff out the cotton. Place your Fat Rope Stick™ tinder fibers on a dry base and ignite with your available sparking apparatus. Once lit, add twigs and small kindling. Gradually work up to larger fuel sources and enjoy your fire.

Dimensions: 6" x 1"

Weight: 94 gram

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