Girl Scouts Handbook

Girl Scouts Handbook

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Girl Scouts Handbook

The Original 1913 Edition By W. J. Hoxie

Now in full-color for the first time, here is the original 1913 edition of Girl Scouts Handbook. This blast-from-the-past practical guide has been the foundation for the organization over the past century—camping, botany, gardening, and more!

Here are the original instructions created to help young girls to learn the basics of scouting and teaching them useful skills such as:

Girl Scout Law
And More!

Rediscover this time-honored classic, featuring color photographs and diagrams for the first time, to learn important skills that will last a lifetime.

“Children sometimes ask, “What was it like in the old days?” Many answers can be found in this first Girl Scout Handbook used by the great-grandmothers of today’s Girl Scouts, who pioneered the excitement and experience of Girl Scouting. ….. It is a complete, unedited copy of the first of many handbooks used to guide the rapid growth of the movement from the original eighteen members to the millions of members today.”