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Hunters Survival Kit

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Hunters Wilderness Pro Survival Kit


We now assemble our Hunters Wilderness Pro Survival Kits in the Trangia Mess Kit. These aluminum mess kits are food grade safe and have a handle for easy handling when cooking or boiling water.  Made in Sweden.

Our Hunters Wilderness Pro Survival Kit is geared towards the outdoors enthusiast who unfortunately may find themselves having to spend a night or 2 in the bush.  This kit is focused on fire, shelter, water and signalling.  We include 3 fire starters, fire starting tinder as well as 2 SOL Fire Lite Fuel Cubes, guaranteed to get a fire going even in the rain.  Shelter in the form of a Glad orange heavy duty garbage bag with 50' of 325 paracord.  Also included is a mylar emergency blanket to help prevent hypothermia.   With 2 -36 oz. Whirl Pak Stand Alone Water Storage Bags and10 Aquatabs will give you 10 litres of drinking water. The Canadian bush is infamous for its blackflies and mosquitoes so we have included 2 Bens insect repellent wipes as well as a head net to keep your sanity, this alone is worth its weight in gold if you have to spend a night in the Canadian bush.

Kit Contents

1- Trangia Mess Kit Large (#209) with Handle Made in Sweden
1-Button Compass
1- SOL Slim Rescue Howler Whistle
1- Signal Mirror
1- UCO Water Proof Matches (40 per box)
10- UCO Storm Proof Matches
1- Bic Lighter
10- PROCAMPTEK Fire Plugs
2- SOL Fire Lite Fuel Cubes
1- SERE Razor Knife
1- Multi-Tool (4" closed - 14 functions)
1- 1- Flash Light (45 lumens runs on 1 AAA battery)
1- Survival Mylar Blanket (Helps fight hypothermia)
1- 50"x 2" Roll Duct Tape (Great for almost anything)
1- 50' 325 Para Cord
10- AquaTabs Water Purification Tablets + Usage Sheet
2- Cone Coffee Filters (Filter Sediment from Water)
2- 36 oz. Whirl Pak Stand Alone Water Storage Bags
1- Orange Garbage Bag (Glad-31"x 42" Makes great roof for shelter)
1- Mosquito Head Net
2- Bens Insect Repellent Towelettes (30% Deet)
1- Hot Pad Hand or Foot Warmer (2 per Pack)
4- Compressed Towels ( use for T.P.) just add a couple drops of water, expands to 8" x 11"
1- Miracle Point Stainless Steel Tweezers (for removing splinters and thorns)
3- Large Safety Pins
2- Benzalkonium Chloride wipes (antiseptic)
2- Alcohol Prep Pads (cleansing)
1- Fabric Band Aid ( 2"x 4")
3- Easy Access Band Aids ( 3/4" x 3") (plastic)
6- Easy Access Band Aids (1"x3") (3 fabric, 3 plastic)


Kit Specifications

Dimensions : 8" x 5.25" x 2.75" (205mm x 135mm x 67mm)

Weight : 34.5 oz. (980 grams)