Outdoors The Scandinavian Way Winter Edition

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Outdoors The Scandinavian Way Winter Edition by Lars Falt

This is the companion to Lars very successful Outdoors “Summer” book. It channels all of Lars vast experience in survival and enjoyment of a Scandinavian winter.

It looks at our ability to operate in snow and freezing temperatures plus the effect of wind chill on the human body. There is an in depth review of clothing and equipment and your energy requirements by way of food and drink. Safety equipment and healthcare are matters of life and death and he takes you through the dos and don’ts of preparing for, and planning a journey.
This is a very sensible addition for anyone who enjoys being in the outdoors all year round. Whiteouts and storms come out of nowhere in winter and this book shows you how to prepare and how to survive.
It is over 150 pages filled with illustrations and photographs as well as practical advice delivered in a way we can all follow. Lars Falt is recognised as one of the world’s greatest survival experts in cold climates and has trained many of the world’s special forces in arctic living.

Published by Casstrom of Sweden