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Sabre Wild Bear Spray

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Sabre Wild Bear Spray

SABRE WILD (225 g) with Orange Safety Wedge

Guaranteed Heat in Every Canister!

SABRE WILD is an environmentally friendly, non-lethal and proven effective way to protect against an aggressive bear. 

  • 225 gram canister
  • Prevent accidental discharge with orange safety wedge
  • Greater protection at a safe distance - 5.5m range
  • Better coverage due to heavy fog spray pattern
  • Maximum strength (0.857% capsaicin, 1.610% major capsaicinoids)

Orange Safety clip. Easy one handed operation. Loop handle easy to clip to clothes or pack. Effective at a range of up to 5.5m (18′). Contains 0.857% Capsaicin.

Sabre Wild Bear Spray

Sabre Wild Bear Spray is an environmentally friendly formulation that will not injure or cause harm to the bear or the environment
Dual propellant system that combines Dymel 134a and Nitrogen, this liquid/gas mix allows SABRE to perform effectively & efficiently even in extreme cold temperatures
HPLC guarantee ensures consistency of Capsicin
Fires 18' (5.5 m)
Canister fires for approximately 8 seconds
Heavy fog spray pattern