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Survival Fire Starter

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The Adventurer Survival Fire Starter is a durable, most effective and most consistent flint fire starter available. Our version is the same used by NATO troops. However, we made it better. Our fire starter, with no moving parts to break, is made from rare earth metals and Cu, Zn, Fe and Mg. It is impregnated with Magnesium allowing it to produce more and hotter sparks. Because of this composition, the Adventurer Fire Starter can light up to 1000 fires and produce sparks in excess of 3000 degrees.
The redesigned the hardened stainless steel striker so that it is easier to hold, has multiple attachment holes and universal striking surfaces. Includes Genuine Military Issue MIL-C-5040 Type III Parachute Cord, available in multiple colors, as the lanyard holding the two together. Includes 3 Adventurer Fire Starting Tabs.
Fire Starter Size: 4” x 1” x .75”, Wt: 1.3 oz
Striker: 2.5” x 1” x .039” (hardened stainless steel universal striker)
Genuine MIL-C-5040 (Made in USA) Parachute Cord as lanyard (multiple colours)


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