Mora Survival Fire Kit for Kansbol and Garberg

Survival Kit for Kansbol and Garberg

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Mora Survival Kit for Kansbol and Garberg

This Survival Kit has everything a real bushcraft enthusiast needs, optimized and ready for sudden challenges. An ideal partner to the hunter and hiker.

Attach the Survival Kit to your Garberg or Kansbol sheath and upgrade your equipment to the next adventure. The integrated fire starter is always ready to perform whenever you need to light a camp fire. Use the integrated diamond sharpener to resharpen your blade after heavy usage. Take good care of your knife and it will last even longer.

Yes, the Survival Kits fit the Kansbol and Garberg Knives when used with the Multi-Mount sheath.


Weight: 2.5 oz. (.07 kg)
Warranty: Limited Lifetime
Compatible with Multi-Mount Sheath System