Teca Teak Handle Hatchet

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Camillus Teca Teak Handle Hatchet

The Teca Handle Hatchet utilizes teak wood due to the excellent physical properties that allow it to take a ton of abuse from use and the rigors of nature. Its natural oils make the wood virtually waterproof and resistant to rot, fungi, and mildew. Additionally, teak resists most wear and corrosion thanks to its physical makeup, which is an ideal feature for high-impact tools. We source sustainably harvested teak for the handle and have an extensive understanding of forging techniques to create a rugged and stunning hatchet.

We also utilize a “crowned edge” sharpened axe. There many schools of thought on razor-sharp vs. how we ship the Teca, but it ultimately comes down to the use. Thus, we tested this hatchet using the hardest woods possible and were able to quickly work through oak logs using the crowned edge profile. We also discovered that a razor-sharp edge can deform faster than a crowned edge, requiring a more aggressive sharpening regimen to maintain peak efficiency. In other words, with the Teca in your hand, you can spend less time sharpening and more time in the field doing what you love.

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  • SAE1045 Steel Head
  • 14” Overall
  • 4” Cutting Blade
  • 1.25 lb head
  • 42-50HRC