Outdoors The Scandinavian Way Lars Falt Using an Axe

Using an Axe by Lars Falt

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Outdoors The Scandinavian Way Lars Falt Using an Axe

The ax is a vitally important tool for every outdoorsman and woman. Drawing on his own extensive knowledge and experience, Lars Falt will guide you through what you can use an ax for, how to safely use one, and how to care for it. You will learn, amongst other things, how to correctly sharpen an ax, how to replace an ax handle, the right way to chop and split wood, as well as some very clever, practical lessons such as how to make a canoe paddle.

From Stone Age to Space Age, the ax has ever been present, and there is a short section in the book on the history of this remarkable tool, and an interesting insight into how a hand-forged ax is made today. For anybody using an ax when they are in the great outdoors, this handbook is a must for your library shelf!

Lars Falt is a world-renowned survival and bushcraft expert and has written a number of best-selling books on these topics. The knowledge and experience he has gained as the founder of the Swedish Armed Forces Survival Unit, together with working closely with indigenous peoples the world over, has been shared in a readable and entertaining way.

Published by Casstrom of Sweden