Winter Flip Gloves

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Winter gloves "ECW SNIPER" WW-Block® Coyote Brown

P1G Tactical ECW SNIPER WW-BLOCK gloves were designed as gloves for extremely cold weather. Thanks to a special membrane material for extremely low temperatures called WW-BLOCK they protect your hands from the cold, wind and moisture. WW-BLOCK is an elastic material which does not hinder movement. 

Flipped warming cover of the fingers section protects them from the frostbite until you need your fingers exposed for the operation of weapons, knives, entrenching tools etc. The flip cover is securely fixed in both open and closed position. Additional reinforcement on the palms is made of special wear-resistant obturation material called TBC that covers parts of the palm that are most subjected to wear.

ECW SNIPER  WW-BLOCK gloves can be used as stand-alone gloves or in combination with thin shooting gloves or liner gloves.

Comes with a fabric storage pouch.

Size : Large/X-Large