The CITT Prohibits the Import of Folding Knives

 The CITT has taken it upon itself to include one-handed opening knives of the import banned list as prohibited, although they are not a prohibited weapon and legal to own in Canada.  I repeat a one-handed opening knife can be purchased legally in any store in Canada as it is not considered a prohibited weapon under Canadian law.   READ MORE HERE

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You're a survivalist by nature. You've scathed your way through the jungle of pubescent pimples and raging hormones, that first love that broke your heart into a million battered pieces and left you with scars that still have not healed. You've survived your fair share of bumps and bruises along the winding road that is life. Maybe even a kid or two. You busted your ass on the way to the top of your career with barely an ounce of self-worth left in your body, giving up your freedom for a 9-5 (or any variance in-between) that makes you secretly wish for the zombie apocalypse to outbreak on your town - just to have an excuse to escape your so-called life for a while.Yeah, you're living the dream.What if you could put those survivor instincts to real use? I'm talking that long drive out of the city, or whatever town traps you in your downward spiral of modern-day dramas. Imagine the lights of civilisation disappearing as fast as the bars on your cell phone.Paradise awaits you. Nature is your new boss. And your best friend? That trusty Survival Kit you remembered to pack, along with a big dose of courage and, of course, a good quality machete, knife or axe. The best part? You found all the gear you require in one convenient  location: Survival Gear Everything you need for your next wilderness adventure, zombie apocalypse, hunting or fishing trip, or the supplies necessary to survive that family camping vacation with the kids. At your fingertips. Shipped to your doorstep. 

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