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Survival Fishing Kit

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Survival Fishing Kit

SGC Survival Fishing Kit is well stocked with 59 quality fishing tackle items in our survival fishing kit.  We purchase our supplies from a Canadian distributor and we hand assemble the kits in our shop. The SGC Survival Fishing Kit comes in a durable tin container sealed with water resistant tape. The SGC Survival Fishing Kit includes 3 fishing lines on a wood winder  complete with hook, sinker and snap swivel, ready for survival fishing.

The Survival Fishing Kit has been upgraded to include more fishing supplies.  The picture shows the old stocked kit.


Kit Contents

 Survival Fishing Kit contents:
2- 50'- Ready Line  (10lb. test High Visibility Line)
1- 30'- Ready Line (30lb. test)
1- Red/White Spoon Lure
1- Yellow/5 Diamond Spoon Lure
1- Victory Spinner Lure 
2- MFS 1/16 oz. Jig Heads with Bodies(assorted colours, made in Canada)
3- Trout Flies (assorted colours)
4- Hooks (#4)
4- Hooks (#6)
4- Hooks (#8)
2- Treble Hooks (#6)
1- Gorge Hook (#4)
4- Snap Swivels
3- Wire Leaders (6")
16- Split Shot Sinkers (4-#BB 8-#7 4-#5)
1-  Red/White Bobber
1- Olfa Safety Razor Knife
1- Palomar Knot Tying Card (laminated)
1- Tin Container
Some minor substitutions may apply.


Kit Weight                      Kit Size
192 grams                     110mm x 83mm x 27mm 
 6.7 oz.                           4 ½” x 3 ¼” x 1 1/8”

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