Survival Water Treatment

Survival Water Purification & Treatment

You can go 30 days without food, but only 3 days without water. Having a means to collect and purify water is essential in survival situations: be it by boiling, Filtration or chemical means.

While our Aquamira backcountry filters do an excellent job of making water safe to drink while in the bush. Filtering is usually all that is required while in most wilderness areas in Canada. If you are taking water from areas which may receive agricultural, or urban area runoff, adding Aquatabs water purification tablets into the water filtration bottle will help safeguard against and all water borne pathogens that one may encounter.

The ability to have a clean water source can save your life. Finding a clean water supply is critical to your survival in an emergency. In our Canadian climate and without exertion, the human body requires approximately 1.5 liters of fluids per day. In the heat of summer this requirement goes up significantly.

Aquatabs Water Purification Tablets