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Pocket Fire Starter Kit

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Our Fire Starter Kit has 4 methods of fire starting.
SGC Survival Fire Starter Kit Includes
1- Weather Resistant Tin (Includes Rubber Seal)
1- Flint Fire Starter with Striker
5- Fire Starter Tinder Tabs
10- Nato Storm proof Matches + 1 Striker
1- Water Proof Matches (40 per box)
1- Disposable Lighter
1- Magnifier Fresnel Lens Fire Starter (3x Magnifier)
1- Book of Matches (20 matches)
2- Hexamine Fuel Tablets*
1- Fire Starter Tinder Block (made from sawdust and wax)
1- SERE Razor Knife (Made in USA,U.S. Military Approved)
1- Aluminum Pencil Sharpener (for making tinder shavings)
1- Small (4"x4") Zip Lock Bag  (to store dry tinder)
* Hexamine Tablets are a clean burning fuel which is easy to ignite and burns smokeless.  Each tablet will burn for 9 minutes.

Kit Weight
186 grams
6.5 oz.
Some minor substitutions may apply.

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