Fire Strip Roll

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PROCAMPTEK Firestarters

The Fire Strip Roll™ is a versatile and portable tinder for your fire kit. The roll allows the user to take what is necessary without removing the packaging. Paper simply unrolls from the middle, leaving the remaining product in a nice compact and portable package.

Fire Strip Roll is made from thick, fibrous paper. It is fully infused with a special wax formula, creating a highly ignitable tinder. The wax weatherproofs the paper and allows it to burn easily and constantly.

 Waterproof Wax Infused paper, Extremely Combustible.

 Concealable, Easy to Carry.

 Long Lasting (55 Feet per roll).

 Unroll what you Need, Save the rest for Later, Store in its Own Packaging.

This is a fire starting product with seemingly an enormous amount of uses. Stick an entire roll in your bag, put some pieces into your wallet, make paper balls, wrap a section around a lighter… the possibilities are endless with how you can use this product to meet your fire starting needs. One really creative way we have seen this product used is as an instant torch.  Quickly wrap Fire Strip around a forked branch and light for a fast burst of light.

Fire Strip Roll is very easy to use. Simply grab the loose end on the inside of the roll and pull out the needed amount of paper. Rip off the section that you need and tuck the loose end back into the roll. Take a small section of the removed paper and buff it together between your finger tips to loosen up the paper’s fibers. Slowly tear the buffed paper to expose the fibers and ignite with your available fire starter.

Procamptek recommends  using 1″ – 2″ of Fire Strip Roll to start your fires. With each roll of Fire Strip containing 55 feet of paper, you can easily see the large amount of tinder for potential fires that is compactly contained in the paper rolls.

Size: 3"x1"
Length: 55ft
Weight: 100g

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