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JJ's Canoe Knife Kit - JJ5

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JJ's Canoe Knife Kit - JJ5

Packaged in our trademark tin, the canoe knife kit is a 2-blade design that is a very popular pattern. The sides are Cherry wood and the blades and springs are Maple. No glue is required for assembly which makes it a perfect option for less patient knife makers. This kit has 6 pieces of wood, 3 metal pins and illustrated instructions.

Finished knives in the photo have been sanded and stained to show how authentic you can make your knife.

Contains small parts and is not recommended for children under 7 years of age. Adult supervision is advised.

About JJ's Original Knife Kit

When Gene Jameson decided to make JJ a wooden pocket knife kit, this is the one he made. It has gotten slightly larger since 2008 but other than that not much has changed. The first one was made of Chestnut and Holly (just because that is what was in the scrap bin and Gene is a bit of a wood hoarder).