Lynx Green  Cotton Patch
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Lynx Green Cotton Patch

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Lynx Green  Cotton Patch

We love patches
They cover holes in your outdoor equipment and make your backpack look special. It‘s much better for the environment to repair your gear rather than buying something new before the old is really broken. But of course: safety first!

Just iron or sew them onto your jacket, backpack or sleeping bag. The options are endless.

How to use it
The high quality patches are made out of embroidered cotton and a layer of gum arabic at the backside. This layer makes it possible to iron the patch onto the fabric of your choice. For very smooth fabrics it might be necessary to add some stitches to fix the patch permanently. In the case of synthetic fabrics, you should also check an inconspicuous place beforehand to see how the material will behave after contact with an iron. To protect the material, a cloth can be placed over the patch while ironing.

Product details
Dimensions: ø 8 cm / 3.15 in
Material: Cotton, gum arabic
Origin: USA