Marbles Camp Combo

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Marbles Camp Combo

The Marbles Camp Combo features a GI Knife and Spork both with 420A stainless steel construction. The GI knife features a spear point blade, can opener, cap lifter/screwdriver, punch, and a lanyard bail. The Spork features a can opener, bottle opener, lanyard hole, and a non-load bearing carabiner clip.

GI Knife: 420A Stainless Steel Blade. Match Strike Pulls. Stainless Steel Handles. Can Opener. Cap Lifer/Screwdriver. Punch. Lanyard Bail. 
Measurements: 2.625" Spear Point Blade. 1/16" Thick. 3.625" Closed.

Spork: 420A Stainless Steel Construction. Can Opener. Bottle Opener. Lanyard Hole. Non-Load Bearing Carabiner Clip. 
Measurements: 4" Overall.

Made in China.