Mora Fire Starter

Mora Fire Starter

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Mora Fire Starter

Bring the fire starter on your outdoor tour and be able to light a fire wherever you are. Just pull the specially designed knife back slowly and heavily along the fire starter. The sparks easily light your barbecue, paper, birch bark or dry grass. For use with knives that have been ground for use with a fire starter and as a replacement fire starter in the Morakniv Bushcraft Survivial Orange or Bushcraft Survival Black.


The protective coating on the steel needs to be scraped off before use.
Sparks of 5430 F° (3000 C°) makes it easy to light a fire in any kind of weather.
Yield up to 7,000 strokes.
Even ignites stoves and gas grills.
Works in rain and snow.
Since it has a strong spark, it can also be used as emergency signal.
Use only the back of the knife blade with the fire steel. Never the blade edge!