Pathfinder Stainless Steel 1QT. Bush Pot

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Pathfinder Stainless Steel 1QT. Bush Pot

The 1QT Bush Pot is the premier choice in bushcraft cookware, crafted from 304 stainless steel for superior durability. Its bail handle, heavy gauge bat wing handles, pour spout, and stainless steel lid with "D" ring provide reliable and easy control when melting snow or disinfecting large amounts of water. Perfectly sized to feed one person, it is the ideal choice in outdoor cookware.


  • 304 Stainless Steel extremely durable, fire ready, and lightweight
  • Heavy gauge Bat wing handles
  • Bail Handle
  • Pour spout
  • Stainless Steel lid with "D" ring


  • Height - 4.75" (peak in center of lid)
  • Width  - 4.25" (outside bottom dia.)
  • Capacity - 1 Quart (32oz.)
  • Weight - 12.1 oz.

*Pan and Stove Stand, Alcohol Stove and Multi Tool Stove Stand pictured is not included.

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    WaterStone Academy
    Very Good Bush Pot - Overall, Would Recommend

    The Pathfinder 1 Qt (32 oz) Bush Pot is built on the same design as the larger 64 oz. version, which I already have. Here are my findings after using 2 of the smaller pots in my survival courses for a short time this winter:

    ∙ It is constructed of relatively tough steel for its weight
    ∙ A wide-mouth Nalgene bottle (or equivalent) will nest inside easily
    ∙ The bail handle is strong and locks solidly in place, up or down
    ∙ The butterfly handles work very well, and fold out of the way when not needed
    ∙ The capacity is perfect for one person, though could be used for two
    ∙ The pouring spout is a really great feature, and it leaves a gap for steam
    ∙ The lid fits very snugly out of the box
    ∙ The 32 oz bush pot (this one) fits snugly inside the larger (64 oz) pot if you happen to also have one - you just have to turn it a bit to make the bail mount on the small pot line up with the pouring spout of the large pot, and it will work

    ∙ The metal is a bit on the thin side, and I found that both pots discolored and warped out of shape upon first time melting packed snow over a propane burner - the bottom will now no longer sit flat on a surface easily without a bit of a wobble on one pot, and the other actually "popped" and dented irreparably after one use. The pot will still work fine for cooking over flame, don't get me wrong - I'd just hoped to keep it in better shape for the long haul. The distortion and denting of the metal will make the pots more difficult to clean.
    ∙ The lid on one pot does not fit snugly any more after the first use of the pot

    OVERALL: this is an excellent-quality piece of camp cookware, on par with other offerings from Pathfinder (I regularly use the canteen cook set and bottle / cup combinations they manufacture). The bush pot is a good piece of gear that fits a need in my survival courses, and I'm looking forward to getting many years of use out of it. The warping of the metal is disappointing (especially so quickly, and just over a burner), but using flame to cook comes with all sorts of potential hazards to pots that don't normally exist in indoor kitchens ☺ - especially in Canadian winter environments. I would buy this product again - in fact, since I am generally collecting class sets of these types of things, I probably will!