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Ranger Pocket Survival Kit

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Survival Gear Canada’s Pocket Survival Kits are proudly hand-made in Canada and built with every basic survival need in mind, and manufactured to aid in any survival situation. The number one tool to survival is your mind, and a prepared mind is a sound mind – one which will be able to use the tools of this kit for the best chances of survival. 

All of our kits address four important aspects of survival, making fire, collecting and purifying water, navigation and signalling for help.
Our Ranger Pocket Survival Kit is packed with top quality gear from suppliers across Canada and the United States. 
This kit is perfect for the person who spends a lot of time outdoors, great for hunting, fishing, backpacking, canoeing.

Kit Contents

Ranger Survival Kit Contents
1- Weather Resistant Tin (Includes Rubber Seal)
1- Adventurer Watch Band Button Compass 
10- NATO Storm Proof Matches with Striker (NATO/U.S. Military Issue)
5- Fire Starter Tinder Tabs
1- Signal Mirror
1- Whistle
1- Flint Fire Starter with Striker
1- Razor Blade
12'- 22 Gauge Brass Snare Wire
1- Duct Tape (5cm. x 50cm.)
1- Aluminum Pencil Sharpener (Use to make tinder or sharpen sticks)
1- Fresnel Lens (3X Magnifier)
10- AquaTabs Water Purification Tablets/ Includes Usage Sheet (Each tablet     purifies 1 litre/Quart)
1- Splinter Out Tweezers
1- 36 oz. Whirl Pak Stand Alone Water Storage Bag
3- Bandaids (3/4" x 3") (Latex Free)
3- Antiseptic Wipes (Alcohol Base)
1- Match Book (20 Matches)


Kit Weight             Kit Size
202 grams           110mm x 83mm x 27mm

7.1 oz.                    4.5" x 3.25" x 1.125"    


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