Trangia Billy Pot 2.5 L

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Billy Pot for 27 series cookset (2.5 L)

The Trangia 27 series 2.5 L in aluminium with lid and wire handle billy pot fits the 27 series stoves, and the packed stove fits snuggly inside the billy.

All pots can be used over an open fire or on a spirit burner or gas stove as a heat source.

2.5 litre capacity
Made of Ultralight aluminum
Weight 395 g



Can the Trangia pots and pans be used over an open fire or other heat source?

Yes, all pots/pans can be used over open fire, Spirit or Gas stoves. Keep in mind that some products have plastic parts that can melt in direct contact with fire. Again, caution applies to overheating.

My pot/pan has melted, how could this happen?

If you “dry cook”, as in place the pot/pans over the flame without any food, liquid or food fat, it will quickly become too hot and the pot/pans can melt.