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We now assemble our Ultimate Survival Kits in the Trangia Mess Kit. These aluminum mess kits are food grade safe and have a handle for easy handling when cooking or boiling water. Made in Sweden.

Survival Gear Canada’s Survival Kits are proudly hand assembled in Canada and built with every basic survival need in mind, and manufactured to aid in any survival situation. The number one tool to survival is your mind, and a prepared mind is a sound mind – one which will be able to use the tools of this kit for the best chances of survival. 

The Ultimate Survival Kit covers the most important aspects of survival, making fire, shelter, collecting and purifying water, food gathering, lighting, health, navigation, communication and signalling.

Our Ultimate Survival Kit is packed with top quality gear from suppliers across Canada and the United States.
This kit is perfect for the person who spends a lot of time outdoors, great for hunting, fishing, backpacking, hiking, canoeing.

Upgrade your kit with a kit bag that easily carries our Ultimate Survival Kit and still has room for more gear.

Kit Contents

SGC Ultimate Survival Kit Contents:

1- Trangia Mess Kit Large (#209) with Handle Made in Sweden
1- Marbles Button Compass
10- UCO Storm Proof Matches
10- PROCAMPTEK Fire Plugs
1- BIC Lighter
1- UST StarFlash Micro Signal Mirror
1- 50"x 2" Roll SOL Duct Tape (great for almost anything)
1- Slim Rescue Howler Whistle
1- UCO Survival Fire Striker Ferro Rod 
1- Excel Blades Razor Knife
2- Spare Razor Blades
1- Aluminum Pencil Sharpener (for making wood shavings for fire starting, fishing spear)
1- Fresnel Lens (3X Magnifier)
1- Wire Survival Saw (Made in USA Cuts wood and bone)
1- Multi-Tool (4" closed - 14 functions)
1- 1- Flash Light (45 lumens runs on 1 AAA battery)
1- Survival Space Blanket (Helps fight hypothermia)
1- Military Can Opener (Made in Canada)
1- 20' Roll Snare Wire (Trapping and Equipment Repair)
1- Citronella Tea Light Candle (Helps to keep biting insects away, @4-6 hrs. burn time)
2- 7.5" Zip Ties
1- 24' of #12 Tarred Twisted Bank Line
1- Mini Tube Super Glue
3- Sheets Rite In The Rain Water Proof Paper (3"x 5")
1- Pencil
1- SGC *Survival Fishing Kit**
1- SGC Wound Care Kit***
1- Palomar Knot Tying Card (Laminated)
10- AquaTabs Water Purification Tablets + Usage Sheet
2- 36 oz. Whirl Pak Stand Alone Water Storage Bags
1- Orange Garbage Bag (Glad-31"x 42" Makes great roof for shelter or improvised rain poncho)
2- Cone Coffee Filters (Filter Sediment from Water)
1- Splinter Out (for removing slivers and thorns)
1- Mosquito Head Net
1-  Original Tick Key Tick Remover 
1- 6" Light Stick
1- Insect Repellent Towelettes (30% Deet)
3- Large Safety Pins

 * SGC Survival Fishing Kit Includes:

2- #4 Fish Hooks
2- #6 Fish Hooks
2- #8 Fish Hooks
3- #3/0 Split Shot Sinkers
3- #7 Split Shot Sinkers
2-  MFS 1/16 oz. Jig Heads with Bodies( White/Black, Yellow/Black, made in Canada)
2- Fishing Flies
6-Mummy Worms (assorted colours)
3- Snap Swivels
1- 50' of 10lb. Test Ready Fishing Line (rigged with High Visibility Line, snap swivel, hook + sinker)

*SGC Wound Care Kit Includes:

2- Benzalkonium Chloride wipes (antiseptic)
2- Alcohol Prep Pads (cleansing)
3- Easy Access Band Aids ( 3/4" x 3") (plastic)
6-  Easy Access Band Aids (1"x3") (3 fabric, 3 plastic)

Some minor substitutions may apply.


Kit Weight
900 grams
32 oz.
Kit Dimensions
205mm x 135mm x 67mm
8" x 5.25" x 2.75"




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